Welcome my “Politics in SeaTac” blog!

Before beginning, I make this public disclosure:

I am currently a sitting councilmember of the SeaTac City Council in position number two. I am not running for election at this time. The opinions expressed on this website are my own and do not in any way shape or form represent the position of the city of SeaTac or the SeaTac City Council. These are purely my thoughts and opinions.

I created this blog address how politics has been perverted to win votes within the city of SeaTac. At one time in the United States, people would vote the candidates with proven track records and established credentials. The voter would examine the proposals that they felt needed to be pursued to better the city and decide on the best candidate based on track record, credentials, and proposals.

As proven as recently as today, some parties believe that votes are won based on character assassination, unsubstantiated allegation, and broad-based concepts that aren’t relevant to any problems occurring in the city.

I have created this blog in the hopes of creating awareness in the residents of the city of SeaTac as to the true realities of the condition of the city of SeaTac because of work done by a Council they elected over the past four years. I have heard it said that there are three versions of the truth; my truth, your truth, and what happened! This blog will attempt to provide documentation for the discussions contained herein. In a previous life, I was a licensed private investigator, and I am familiar with seeking evidence that would stand up in court for legal cases. I will hold myself to those same standards because I believe in honesty.

I previously wrote that I would be accepting comments on this board, but in light of this weekends (8/24/19-8/24/19) mass cyber assault on this site, I have locked down the site (by completely closing registrations) because of weaknesses in Word Presses abilities to keep out nefarious parties who feel they have the right to destroy everyone else’s rights! If you have a comment, you may send it to me at Joel@joelwachtel.com, what I do with it it is strictly my prerogative.

So let the games begin! In this blog, you will find documented information in the data section. Since the Primaries have passed I will be focusing on the real election! I will post copies of the information pamphlet, flyers, and other relevant documents and folders for each candidate. Anyone who wishes to have a document posted (and can verify their truthfulness) can e-mail it to me at JoelWachtel.com.